About Blogger

So you want to know whose brain is behind this Blog..

So I will let you know then.

 I am an Indian girl aged 23. I am pursuing Masters in Technology in Environmental Engineering. I have Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering.

 10 facts about me:

  1. My hobbies are: Photographing, Reading, Writing, Traveling, Blogging etc. 
  2. I am a big moody, difficult person to deal with. May God give proper mental and emotional strength to my significant other!!
  3.  I am a bit messy! One who has spent a quality time with me must have experienced this before. Actually messed up surroundings inspire me to work harder. So I can’t help, as I can’t compromise with the ideas processing in my brain. 
  4. Speed trills me to this extent that I am not getting a permission to buy a 2-wheeler from my Father.
  5. I prefer Bullets over Sports bikes, Boyfriend’s shirts over dresses.
  6. I have got fear from heights, closed space, deep water,fire.
  7. I have got a sweet tooth. I can grap tons of sweets irrespective of the fear of getting extra pounds on my body weight.
  8. I am a low maintenance girl,who hadly takes 5 minutes to get ready for any occasion.
  9. I am workaholic.
  10. People who lack basic civic sense, extra Girly Pinky Girls,attention seekers, lazy people,people who make others wait annoy hell out of me.

    You can ask me questions on Quora as I love answering even silly ones.