What’s happiness to you? 

Have you ever given a shot about what makes you happy,something which makes you just go gaga?

It’s high time now that you should think over and jot down what are those things you do to yourself for your own happiness irrespective of the fear of being judged.

There can be numerous ways which makes us really happy, but we fail to recognise them.

For some 5 years old happiness is:

  • Sleeping in between Mummy and Daddy.
  • Watching Favourite cartoon series non-stop.
  • Having cakes, chocolates and cookies as dinner.

      For 10 years old Happiness is:

      • Scoring 10/10 in class test.
      • Spending quality time with working mother.
      • Having a guest at home.

          For 15 years old Happiness is:

          • Playing and exploring latest gadgets and gizmos.
          • Having a crush on someone.
          • Getting perfect selfies.

          For 20 years old, Happiness is:

          • Getting a part time job.
          • Getting free WI-FI.
          • Completing college assignments at last hours.

          For 25 years old, Happiness is:

          • Getting job easily.
          • Having a significant other.
          • Satisfying your parents need.

              P.S This is with respect to India based on survey conducted by the author!


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