₹500 and ₹1000 currency note scrapped: Financial Crisis in India


On (unethical) people:

  • Everyone with black money rushed to Invest in Gold and properties before midnight 9th November,2016 to convert black money to white.
  • Some people are converting black money into white by doing reservation in 1A and cancelling the same.

On youths:

  •  Everyone is using E-wallet for making every transactions possible.
  • This Challenge accepting group usually carries no cash, so least affected ones.
  • Youths are avoiding Rickshaw and small grocery stores.

    On oldies: 

    • Discussions,discussions and some more discussions on Public places, mass transit Buses anywhere and everywhere.
    • Counting ₹500s and ₹1000s currency notes at home.

    On poors:

    • Usual day,as they are unaware of the current financial crisis.
    • One having no bank accounts will be the major sufferers.

    On media:

    • Got hot topic to discuss day-night for next 7 days.
    • Social media flooded with tons of memes,trolls and informations.

    On E-commerce:

    • Cash on delivery disabled by Amazon and Flipkart.
    • Others like Snapdeal also came up with new solutions.

      On Wedding:

      • Shagun to be given or accepted through Paytm.
      • Florist, wedding planner to accept heavy transaction through Paytm only.

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