Time To Go Green

This is my entry for the Green would a be mere color in future”, week’s theme for Martian Poet

Saving The Planet
We should reduce our dependency on physical energy like-thermal energy.Industries should redesign process and products to reduce energy consumption.Optimal use of recyclable waste,reduction in emission levels,conservation of flora and fauna to retain the greenery of mother Earth should be preferred.

Your Trash can be resource to others
Trash like-Fly Ash,slag,chemical gypsum can be used as fuel in many areas.

Reuse,Recycle, Reduce the water
Rain water harvesting should be adopted by every individual. Even a small effort will be countable. Read more on Ways to save water

Safe Waste disposal
Waste should be treated scientifically and safely before final disposal. More on this on future Blog post.

Natural resources: Refillable fuel tank
We should promote the use of renewable energy like-thermal solar energy,wind energy,tidal energy,geo energy etc.

Mine rehabilitation, plantation around industries should be made mandatory by Government.

We can’t make the Earth bigger, at least keep it in the size gifted.


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