An open letter to my Future Husband

Dear future husband,

I am writing you this letter so that you must know what I expect from you and this marriage. I am openly expressing this to avoid unwanted future fights and arguments.

I need to tell you that life with me wouldn’t be much easier as I am emotionally challenged and hard person to deal with. I am good at finances, so you don’t have worry much about the same. Don’t expect I will bring you a dowry, also I am not interested in my parents money. I am myself an asset. My marriage will be a Zero expense affair for my parents. It’s sad you won’t be able to enjoy the groom’s side tantrums done in Big Fat Indian wedding.

There will be equal contribution in everything we own and everything we do. Be it paying the bills, rentals or parenting. You must have experience of cooking, driving, baby sitting, doing other household chores etc. 

What I expect from you? I need your support and respect in everything I do. I will take my decisions on my own. Whenever I want your opinion, please give that but don’t expect that I will certainly follow them (there is nothing to disrespect you and your opinions, so don’t take it in otherwise). I need your quality time  together, be it a jogging time or shopping or cooking or eating. For me you will be my best friend,partner in everything good or bad I do.😋

Lastly I will respect you,love you,care for you,understand you,trust you,support you at every odds and evens of life,be loyal to you. I expect the same in return too!😍😘😚

Yours lovingly,
The uncommon Author

P.S. This is also for my parents and the so called relatives, Neighbours, who are interested in me getting married. 😎


6 thoughts on “An open letter to my Future Husband

  1. Well said, only I wish I would have thought like this back when I was 17 and married a man that had control over every thing ( future blog). It took 25 yrs and with having 5 children leaving him and the abuse was the best thing I had ever I am happy and with a man who is my equal and best friend and our love for each other is for real.

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