10 Basic Traveling Etiquettes one should always remember

Some point of time during jorneys, we bump into the ones having least or Zero traveling etiquettes. So I am sharing basic etiquettes to be followed by the travellers who use Public transportation.

  1. Not to break any specific local rules: Some places have specific local rules.Do follow them.
  2. Always be in queue:  Have patience,wait for your turn.
  3. Don’t talk on mobile phone rather chat or mail: You never know what others are going through in their life. Some might be in need of peaceful environment.
  4. Use earphones for listening music:  This something annoys others.
  5. Offer seats to ladies,senior citizens and physically disabled:  If your stamina is higher than these groups of people, then do offer your seats to needy.
  6. Treat public transport as if it’s your own: Using curtains for cleaning your hands is always an anaesthetic view to others. Putting shoes for relaxing on others seats is highly disrespectful.
  7. Don’t push anybody while boarding/deboarding or loading/ unloading: Everyone is in hurry, you are not alone!! Start early to end up doing everything well on time.
  8. Don’t eat or drink: Your weird eating habits might get revealed to public! Also you will end up with some junks.
  9. Speak politely to fellow passengers: Nobody likes rude behaviour.
  10. Don’t peep into someone’s newspaper and handbags: Fellow passengers might get embarrassed by your acts.

    Reminder for the ones who ignore these little but important things.


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