10 Easy Blogging Tips for Beginners

Hey new Bloggers! 
Welcome to the Blogging world…
I have started my blog on July 11,2016.
I am sharing Easy Blogging Tips with you people. Schedule your blogs according to the days in a week.

  1. Monday: Post your blog with proper editing and proofreading.
  2. Tuesday: Publicise your old and new blogs on social media.
  3. Wednesday: Interact with other bloggers by liking,commeting and sharing their posts.
  4. Thursday: Post another blog with proper editing and proofreading.
  5. Friday: Read,read and read others blogs.
  6. Saturday: Think,think and think about new Blogging ideas.
  7. Sunday: Just write,write and write blogs as draft for next week.


    • On your writing day, unplug your internet to get least distractions.
    • Read other’s blogs on your way to the work if you use public transportation.
    • Do offline as well as online publicity.
    • Keep your camera on to get amazing self snapped shots for your blogs.
    • Reschedule your days according to your ease and convenience.
    • Get up early and donate that extra time to the Blogging world.
    • Ideas can come to you any day anytime,do jot them down.
    • Interact with other people at various social events.
    • Don’t neglect your health/sleep/work as Blogging is an addiction.
    • During your busiest days, repost your old blogs or share your fellow bloggers posts.

    I think these will help you a lot!! I am waiting for your feedbacks. Share with your fellow New Bloggers!! If you have some new ideas and tips,then feel free to share with me..


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