List of 10 qualities what she looks for in her Mr. Right

When a girl start dreaming about her marriage, she makes a check list before meeting her Mr.Right.

Here are list of general qualities on their mind:

  • Must have a hobby:His passion for his hobbies makes him interestingone, highly irresistible!!
  • Must be loyal: Nobody wants to share her partner with anybody else even emotionally.So disloyalty is a big No No!!
  • Must respect living beings:His respect towards others gives an assurance of his better human.
  • Must be genuine:He should be real in expressing his feelings with everyone either good or bad.Nobody likes a multiple disorder personality.
  • Must be sporty:Sports lovers are again interesting. 
  • Must be helpful: Helping hand in every field of life.
  • Must be understanding: Every girl wants his significant other to understand her needs.
  • Must be caring: Caring is sharing very little things,doing works,helping in everyday chores without being asked to.
  • Should be family person: Love for his family gives an assurance that he will surely love your family too.
  • Must be truthful: Nobody want a liar as her life partner.
    1. Don’t judge me for this article.I have written this after interviewing over 10 random girls aged 21 and above.


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