Social Media Detoxification

Today’s world revolves around Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat and some more…

Humans are known as social animals from long time. Is this valid to call them social animals in this today’s world???? They should be rather called as Anti social animals or social media animals. Funny??? But it’s harsh truth now!!! We have to accept this or do something to reduce this much of dependencies.
Is this necessary to upload your best (edited) selfies on everyday basis? Do you think changing your status a number of times a day makes you some more famous or something like that?? Nah.. it’s not!!! Sharing your tiny daily details of your daily routine is just like Live telecast of your day!!! Nobody is actually interested in knowing these craps. So stop this as early as possible.

What unnecessary things People normally do on these sites:

  • Upload selfies on everyday basis.
  • Trolls actors,sports persons,politicians on their poor performances.
  • Mock their classmates,friends.
  • Upload foreign vacation photographs.Thus another show off!!
  • The cut throat competitions are going on and on among the (un)employed ones!! 

    Merits of using social media for marketing,social help,connecting new cultures,exploring new places,promoting tourist destinations,getting news,learning new skills are good.


    1. Detox yourself from all kind of social media in weekends.
    2. Enjoy to the fullest where you are whether at famous restaurants, musical events,vacations etc.
    3. Be mentally and emotionally present while meeting people.

      Merits of social media Detoxification:

      • You will get ample amount of time to complete your pending works.
      • Your mind will be free from any unnecessary clutters.
      • Your relationships will get better with yours near and dear ones.
      • Your daily life routine will be in order.
      • You will need to develop new hobbies to kill your time. Hobbies always add stars in your personality.
      • You will become more helpful, emotional, sensitive to other people needs.
      • Your working efficiency will increase thus increasing your productivities in everything you do.
      • You will get to know your priorities.

      And there are many more. I can’t drag in this article as you may loose interest in reading my stuffs. So, do share this with your loved ones. This might help someone in someway.

      Follow me through email or blogs, give your feedback… I do wait for your responses… 

      Love you all!!😍😘


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