M. S. Dhoni: The untold story

Oh yes! You got it right, I am the great Indian cricket fan! 

The trailer of Biopic  on one the gems of India: Mahender Singh Dhoni is out! And that is just awesome.

The movie is going to be in 300crores+ club! The fans are crazily waiting for this epic movie. 

I personally don’t watch movies in theatre, I would rather love to donate the money to poor and needy. But for this epic, I can’t! 

  • The body language!
  • The backside look of Dhoni coming to bat from pavilion!
  • That winning SIX in World cup Final!
  • The Helicopter Shots! 

Epic! Mind blowing! Inspirational! 

Hats off to the actor playing the role. Tremendous efforts!.This role can’t be done by any other, other than Sushant Singh Rajput!

Waiting! What about you? Are you feeling the same? Let me know through your comments!


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