An apology to my readers

Hey everyone!

I am here again with my another blog post!

 Yeah, I know I am just a general blogger, where you can get anything crap to read. Neither my blogs are on photography nor on fashion! Also I am not a food blogger. My blogs are not even technical one! Sometimes you may find me writing on relationship, something on health, career advices, social services etc.

I know I won’t get much followers as my blogs don’t have a typical audience type. Anybody can read my craps! Because not every time my blogs would be help them in any ways. So pardon me for wasting your time in that case!

But this won’t stop me writing!

I love writing because:

  • It helps in channelising my energy in a positive way
  • It gives me immense pleasure after completion because I hardly take 10 minutes in thinking,processing and writing things
  • It keeps me busy during my severe mood swings sessions
  • It uplifts my mood 
  • It energise me for my ongoing technical research and projects

Yeah I am presently working on my thesis! I will get a degree of Masters in Technology ([Environmental Engineering],but according to the efforts this thesis is requiring I must have been given a Direct PhD degree as given in IITs. So, I may get a bit busy in this. I may post my next blogs on weekly basis or monthly basis. 

Let’s see what happens! I too don’t know how to resist posting blogs on WordPress! 


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