Need of suggestions

Hey everyone!

I need to send a proposal to municipality of my city for traffic plannings.Traffic congestions are one of the major reasons for getting late for offices, colleges, schools, missing flights/ trains in my city.

So please share with me your suggestions. Technical suggestions will be highly appreciated! So it is a request to all civil engineers from around the world to comment here. Non-technical readers can comment through their observations,ideas from traffic control plannings of their states.

Some of my suggestions are:

  1. Motivating people to make use of multi-level parking in the city
  2. Imposing fines on illegal parking
  3. Using flexible traffic separators/dividers instead of fixed ones.

Do comment, I am waiting for your suggestions!! Thanks in advance.


5 thoughts on “Need of suggestions

  1. One of the ways they use here to limit traffic congestion is making parking in town so expensive that people take public transportation more. That sets up a whole bigger issue in do you have enough or appropriate transportation for people that can be accessed inexpensively? Making the area more walkable is also beneficial. More benches, wastebasket and good pathways are also helpful.

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  2. Some point just by casual observation….widening of road wherever possible…and common, use concrete road for areas like ashoke rajpath if every-year you are going to spend on it for spreading a new layer and filling pot holes…better usage of curbs of road…removing illegal capture beside road…more strict parking rule(more toe vehicle and manpower so that people stop parking where-ever they want without thinking)… more man power to municipality for cleaning the city…amenities such as footpath, toilets, dustbins along roads….developing the city surrounding…and at the very first building quality road should be top on the list. The main and lateral roads should be well equipped with drainage, even now new roads are constructed without side drains. Develop the pubic areas of the cities wherever possible…it will lead to modernization of people lifestyle as seen in other cities like Nagpur, Tata etc…ultimately will make them realize their responsibilities towards clean and congestion free city.

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