Water, water everywhere Not a drop to drink! #savewater

Wasting water like water is the cause of water scarcity in countries like India.1/4th of the country is suffered from cronic scarcity of water during this summer.

 Everyone should remember this,one has got his/her share of water only to use.So only way to tackle this is to start saving water from right now!

5R theory to save water:

  1. Respect of water
  2. Reduce use of water
  3. Retreat water
  4. Recycle water
  5. Reuse water

9 ways to save water @ home:

  1. Repair all the leaky taps and pipes: Leaky taps waste water @ 250 litres/month or 1 litre/3 hours.
  2. Close the tap during brushing teeth: 4-5 litres/day/capita is wasted. Average household waste around 25 litres/day i.e. 750 litres/month
  3. Washing cars using buckets instead of running water through pipes: Washing cars using pipes consume 150 litres each time whereas 20 litres is required for the same using buckets.
  4. Instead of showers,using buckets for bath: This will save 80% of water during baths.
  5. Close the taps during shavings: 5-7 litres is wasted each time.One can save 200 litres/month just by using mugs.
  6. Using Washing machine to its full capacity: This way one can save upto 4500 litres/month.
  7. Repair the leaky cisterns: Repairing only leaky cisterns will save 5000 litres/month!
  8. Using RO machines’ discarded water for watering the plants, washing cars: 60-75% of water is wasted by these machines. Utilising the discarded water will save 1200 litres/month.
  9. Using tub for washing utensils instead of running water under tap: This will save 20-25 litres/family/day. 

Saving water is now a social responsibility for everyone. Everyone should come forward for the same!


5 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere Not a drop to drink! #savewater

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