List of 25 things I like

List of 25 things I like:

  1. Travelling solo
  2. Sleeping diagonally with one leg out of the bed
  3. Exploring new places
  4. Laughing with my heart out
  5. Playing brain games
  6. Reading magazines and books
  7. Snapping pictures
  8. Motivating people
  9. Messy hairstyles
  10. Wearing men’s watch (more heavier,more sexy)
  11. Putting smiles on random people
  12. Mummy’s made food
  13. Watching Horror,thriller movies
  14. Thrilling bike rides
  15. Moonlight dinner with family
  16. Wearing Spectacles
  17. Blogging
  18. Shopping solo
  19. Watching sports
  20. My Careless attitude
  21. Thinking out loud
  22. Enjoying Rain
  23. Singing in crude voice as if nobody is listening
  24. Taking aptitude tests
  25. High heels but less than my comfortable flats

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