A letter to Captain Jack Sparrow

Dear Captain,

The one and only,Captain Jack Sparrow! Hey, here! I will take your little time, just read my letter and I will give you the destination of an Island full of Rum! ( So that you will get another sea voyage, and I will get another movie! ) I am a great fan of you and your works,achievements! You are simply awesome. I am waiting for the another release of The.Pirates.Of.The.Caribbean series.

I love the way you make out the best from every opportunity you get.You are so genuine, real and truthful. You never fake anything for the sake of future results. You expressions are just too extra ordinary.. Your honest in-bulit nature, friendly behaviour towards your crew! Everything and anything!

You know what, you are so inspirational to me that I have starting wearing that Black Kohled Eyes.. So like Captain Jack Sparrow! Whenever someone call it smokey eyes make-up, I correct them by saying- “No, I am Captain Jack Sparrow,the one and only!” The way you keep yourself joyful and motivated even at the hardest times of yours through your Self talks, are awesome. I too have started this self talking stuffs and these are quite useful.

I know your love for Black Pearl and Rum is never ending,so I will never propose you in future.Though you are highly heart touchingly awesome. Great gentleman with even greater heart!

Stay blessed, hope to see you soon!

Yours lovingly,



One thought on “A letter to Captain Jack Sparrow

  1. I am in awe of Jack Sparrow, actually, Captain Jack Sparrow. Truly he deserves a letter of appreciation. Love the way he does (actually runs away from) everything.And…..

    Take whatever you can.
    Give nothing back.

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