Waiting Process: #?@/$βˆ†

Some people have the habit of making others to wait for them. We don’t know what they want to show,either their importance or they are too busy for us.

 Making people wait for you, will always land you in less respect.It makes other feel annoying too. 

To me it’s just like manner less.
Everyone should respect others Time. One has no idea what others are going through in their lives.

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Here are few things one can indulge oneselves during “That moment of never ending wait” :

  • Always carry a good Book to read,read and read.
  • Observe people,their activities,their problems, their solutions.
  • Brainstorming session with oneself.
  • Make a phone call to a friend just to say Hello!
  • Oraginise your mobile phone.
  • Make To do lists for the next day,month, year.
  • Give everything a Rest to refresh your mind and body.

What else one can can do to be more constructive during their WAITING phase? How do you tackle with those kind of people??

 Feel free to share here.. 


A Piece of Advice to unmarried girls!!

​Somebody asked me what kind of advice you wanna give to Unmarried girls of your age!!

So here goes my list:

  1. Enjoy every moment
  2. Fall in love
  3. Make mistakes
  4. Respect others
  5. Learn something new everyday
  6. Discover yourself
  7. Take care of your health
  8. Love what you are doing
  9. Help others
  10. Be financially Independent
  11. Be emotionally intelligent
  12. Be social
  13. Love nature
  14. Earn,Save and invest
  15. Marry when you want to
  16. Be responsible
  17. Conquer your fears
  18. Be logical
  19. Read books/articles
  20. Observe people
  21. Travel solo sometimes
  22. Laugh at yourself
  23. Take risks
  24. Do something good for poors
  25. Put on make-up
  26. Avoid toxic relationships
  27. Marry who is in love with you,not with whom you are
  28. Give 100% in every roles
  29. Avoid stressing at every little issues

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What else advice you want to give to Unmarried girls?? 

See you in comment section below!!

5 Skills of creative people

  • Organise: Their lives are so organised.They don’t waste time in searching anything anywhere.Organised Laptop,organished Mobile
  • Ask questions: They never hesitate in asking questions anywhere, any time, from anyone. This helps in getting things easier.
  • Observe and understand: They are very good observers who understand the situation,its importance. And know how to respond in the same.
  • Experiment: They get out from the comfort zone whenever possible just to gain experience and learn something new.
  • Networking: They have a really good network.They know the importance of networking and make best use lut of it.

    What according to you are other skills of creative people??? Do share here in the comment box below..

    What’s in my BAG????

    Someone asked me to reveal the secrets that my bag contains.So I am sharing the same.

    • Pen drive
    • Chocolate wrappers
    • Pen
    • Debit card
    • Useless junks like last semester’s admit card, registration forms.
    • Passport size Photograph
    • Mobile Charger
    • USB cable
    • Restaurant bills
    • Shopping bills
    • Flipkart delivery bags (emptied ones )
    • Various kinds of photocopies.
    • Beauty products: Kohl liners ( Maybelline New York), Lipstick (Red Matte, 7 Heaven’s), VLCC sunscreen lotion.. 
    • Sometimes novels

      What are actually never used:

      • All beauty products listed above.

      What I should include in my bag:

      • A carry bag
      • A water bottle
      • Wet wipes

      What are serious junks to removed:

      • Useless photocopies
      • Shopping bills
      • Restaurant bills
      • Chocolate wrappers
      • Last semester’s stuffs
      • Flipkart polybags

      Oh my God! My bag needs to be organised! Yes I am so messy,but I love this! Also I am too busy to do this organising work! Messiness actually helps me think loudly!!
      So probably I won’t organise my bag!😎


      What’s happiness to you? 

      Have you ever given a shot about what makes you happy,something which makes you just go gaga?

      It’s high time now that you should think over and jot down what are those things you do to yourself for your own happiness irrespective of the fear of being judged.

      There can be numerous ways which makes us really happy, but we fail to recognise them.

      For some 5 years old happiness is:

      • Sleeping in between Mummy and Daddy.
      • Watching Favourite cartoon series non-stop.
      • Having cakes, chocolates and cookies as dinner.

          For 10 years old Happiness is:

          • Scoring 10/10 in class test.
          • Spending quality time with working mother.
          • Having a guest at home.

              For 15 years old Happiness is:

              • Playing and exploring latest gadgets and gizmos.
              • Having a crush on someone.
              • Getting perfect selfies.

              For 20 years old, Happiness is:

              • Getting a part time job.
              • Getting free WI-FI.
              • Completing college assignments at last hours.

              For 25 years old, Happiness is:

              • Getting job easily.
              • Having a significant other.
              • Satisfying your parents need.

                  P.S This is with respect to India based on survey conducted by the author!

                  β‚Ή500 and β‚Ή1000 currency note scrapped: Financial Crisis in India


                  On (unethical) people:

                  • Everyone with black money rushed to Invest in Gold and properties before midnight 9th November,2016 to convert black money to white.
                  • Some people are converting black money into white by doing reservation in 1A and cancelling the same.

                  On youths:

                  •  Everyone is using E-wallet for making every transactions possible.
                  • This Challenge accepting group usually carries no cash, so least affected ones.
                  • Youths are avoiding Rickshaw and small grocery stores.

                    On oldies: 

                    • Discussions,discussions and some more discussions on Public places, mass transit Buses anywhere and everywhere.
                    • Counting β‚Ή500s and β‚Ή1000s currency notes at home.

                    On poors:

                    • Usual day,as they are unaware of the current financial crisis.
                    • One having no bank accounts will be the major sufferers.

                    On media:

                    • Got hot topic to discuss day-night for next 7 days.
                    • Social media flooded with tons of memes,trolls and informations.

                    On E-commerce:

                    • Cash on delivery disabled by Amazon and Flipkart.
                    • Others like Snapdeal also came up with new solutions.

                      On Wedding:

                      • Shagun to be given or accepted through Paytm.
                      • Florist, wedding planner to accept heavy transaction through Paytm only.